Carretera a Dos Inviernos EP

by Nicolas Ovalle



Biatch Corp Recordings is back in full agenda for 2012. For the first installment of the year "the corporation" brings back their favorite Uruguayan child Nicolas Ovalle with a 3-tracker EP of chilly, melody-laden soundscapes and complex textures from the adventurous musician.

"Come Si Fa", interacts first with the call of soft wooden keys and glitchy pieces over a sparkling rhythm describing a surreal wake-up ritual, after introducing swirling pianos and synth elements, the track evolves to a melodic heaven of relaxing eerie expressions, a subtle way to setup the emotive kaleidoscopic mood of the record.

"La plata", as the river name (River Plate) which mix freshwater and seawater, and bring currents from the Andean mountains to the Atlantic ocean; Introduces glitter-dynamics to the intimate and charming journey. Marcelo Sanguinetti's guitars and video game pads, enact the track's manifiesto into and arpeggiated and graceful fog that awaits a febrile bass, changing the course of the trip to madness territory.

"Skavsta-skarholmen", 2 swedish cities linked by an airplane ride and Nicolas' imaginary, finalizes the journey with a bumpy ride. delayed glockenspiel articulations, and serene piano chords pair with a joyful bass to offer the most danceable song of the package: a mind-candy of 6 am territories and a good companion for the south-to-north adventurer in general.


released February 10, 2012

Written And Produced by Nicolas Ovalle
"La Plata" guitars played by Marcelo Sanguinetti


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BiatchCorp Recordings New York, New York

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