She Left Herself

by Peter Corvaia



HYPNOTIC , ABRASIVE, EXFOLIATIVE and TRIUMPHANT, A delicate but womanized survival victory, a tale with no compassion and happy ending. Enjoy an unique musical work of what could be called: a hypnotic, abrasive, exfoliative, and triumphant Techno journey. Track Listing//////// 1. She Left Herself (07'03) - Original mix 2. She Left Herself (06'27) - Pito mix 3. She Left Herself (08'54) - Karraskilla 's Amazonas mix W+P by Peter Corvaia Additional production and remixes by Alvaro Bueno and Juan Karraskilla. Mix and mastering by Rob Rives.
Cat# BIATCH005
RELEASE DATE: 12/19/2009

Introducing Peter Corvaia to the Biatch Corp recording family \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Biatch Corp Recordings is pleased to welcome a special new member to the label family, DJ/Producer Peter Corvaia. Peter is the master and commander of the label's newest installment. His upcoming EP, "She Left Herself," is the first 3-pack digital series to be released by the corporation, and it is also our last release of 2009, rounding off a total of five releases in our first year of existence as a label.

Peter's friendship with the label arose organically after we all met back in 2007, but we weren't lucky enough to hear his most private compositions until this past summer, which, when we did, rather blew us away. This should be no surprise as Peter has been evolving his own breed of spaced-out, funky techno since 1999. Peter has appeared on labels such as Circle Music, Frik:N:Frak, System Recordings, and New League, and his music has been featured on several compilations and DJ mixes as well. We feel very fortunate to have met Peter in this stage of his music career and are thrilled to be able to assist him in sharing his affable musicality with the world. Welcome Peter, CEO & Chairman Biatch Corp Recordings


released December 18, 2009


all rights reserved



BiatchCorp Recordings New York, New York

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